We wanted to blast out a quick update before Labor Day.

Johnna (Take No Glory's singer and songwriter) has been working on some new music and hopes to get back into the studio next year to create our next album. The reason for the delay on recording new music is that Johnna (and her husband Ian) are expecting their second baby in October. They are really excited about having another baby boy and plan to name him Kenton Kooper Utile :-)

We recently created this link (http://bit.ly/21tnGsongs) if you would like to download all 21 of our existing songs as one large .zip file. Please feel free to share this music link with others. We still have the same policy, "unauthorized distribution is encouraged and appreciated!"

Besides wanting to update you on tnG, we also wanted to tell you about a special project. Josh Fox has had a great influence on our music, and he is going into the studio next month to record another album. Please take a look at what he is working on (here http://bit.ly/JFproject) and do us a personal favor by supporting him.

Joyfully serving Jesus, 
The Musicianaries