New Song For A "Happy New Decade"

Time Magazine has called the last ten years the "Decade From Hell" - not for us!!

As we enter the next decade, we wanted to share our newest song with you called "Run". We think it's a great anthem for this next ten years. Download the song FREE: and check out the interview below of the singer/songwriter.

all our music, videos, chord charts & lyrics FREE at

to have given away 1,000,000+ songs to one hundred fifty countries. It has been a blessing to do free concerts in Asia, Europe and the US!

for our email updates to download other new music. We have four more new songs we will send out soon! The new music is issue based dealing w/ depression, abortion, addiction and homosexuality.

The video for our brand new song "Run". You can also view it at: and download the mp3:

us for a concert or other event in 2010. Please call (888) 825-3664

for our musicianary team: Ian, Johnna, Malakye, Kevin, Ashley, Titus, Romer, Melinda, Dan and the other musicianaries we will serve with.

equip us in our music mission with tax-deductible donations through our website or by mail: PO Box 28919 Santa Ana, CA 92799.

can also be made in creative ways. Our partners at The Foundation For Christian Stewardship can help us accept non-cash gifts like 401(k), real estate, IRA, etc. Do you have a bus, RV, van, truck, car or trailer? By donating these to our ministry, it would help with our transportation needs! We are actually praying for a plane =)

More Specific Prayer Requests: That each of us will keep our relationship with Jesus the focus and passion of life. Unity with the team. The music, concerts and internet ministry will bring the Hope of Christ to the world. Wisdom and ongoing financial support for all upcoming projects and missions. Our 2010 tour schedule.

Take No Glory is a non-profit musicianary band. These musicianaries offer all their music FREE

Have you seen the "Beautiful Slave" music video with a hopeful message about human trafficking & child slavery.

Please Pray For Us

Take No Glory Update

Please Pray For Us...Johnna is
in Nashville recording our next project

We Have A New Website and iPhone app 

We have spent the last few months
working on our website. All 15 of our
songs can downloaded at the site for free.

Please let us know what you think?  And
download our new app.  Enjoy!!!

Please pray for us...Johnna is in Nashville
recording our next project working with
Chuck Harris, Lang Bliss,
Mark Townsend & Tim Gaines. 

Ian went to Nashville for work and was
able to bring Johnna with him for the trip. 

Last minute, we planned time for Johnna
to go into the studio to start recording
our next project. The Take No Glory
songs she is working on are: Beautiful
Slave, Let You Live, Straight, Run,
Wintery Soul & My Will Spins.

Please pray that God would give us the
strength on this trip...thanks, we love you 

Take No Glory is a non-profit musicianary
band.  These musicianaries offer all their
music through mp3 downloads available
FREE on the website

Members: Ian & Johnna Utile
along with other musicianaries

Genre: Rock * Alternative * Pop

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Record Label: Independent

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Your Last Day

We just uploaded our new song, "Your Last Day". Please CLICK HERE to download the mp3 free, or visit the Take No Glory facebook page. We would be blessed if you freely sent this song to others.

It has been a few months since our last email, and many people have asked us for an update. We appreciate your prayers!!

Serving as musicianaries was the vision Ian and Johnna had when they started the ministry of Take No Glory. Eric and Mandy had the same desire, and our two families left everything behind and started doing life together. But we never imagined that God would develop tnG into a traveling team of 19 musicianary servants!! Please continue to pray for all of us: Landon Bailey, Chris Eggert, Jeff & Melanie Huff, Connor Marone, Utiles, Vierras, Woods and Landrew Woolworth

The Holy Spirit has used our availability to lead people in worship all over the world. We did more than a hundred concerts on our "world tour" through Asia, Europe and the states. By God's grace we have freely distributed more than a million copies of our original songs and preached the Gospel to countless people. The Lord has done great things and we humbly give Him all the praise and glory!

So much is changing with each of our lives since we have been back home. We are excited about the new direction for each of our families and hope you will be encouraged by it.

Ian and Johnna Utile are expecting their first child within the next few weeks (they will name their son Malakye). Ian is excited to work full time again doing website strategy/consulting for churches and ministries. This allows him to provide for the growing family and fund the Take No Glory ministry. And as Johnna prepares to be a mom, she continues to write new songs (like "Your Last Day") on her piano.

Eric, Mandy, Eden and Elijah Wood are almost ready to move to Bristol, in the UK. Through much prayer and planning, Jesus has called their family to the spiritual rebuilding of this city with an approximate population of 500,000. Please go to their new website to see what the Lord has put on their heart:

The rest of the Take No Glory team has incredible things going on as well. Landon is making new music in SoCal and plans to get married soon, Chris is leading worship and serving at his church in Indiana, Conner is living for Jesus in Virginia, Landrew is still traveling the world serving missionaries, Jeff & Mel are settled back in Santa Cruz serving at Calvary Chapel and enjoying each other, and the Vierras plan to join Eric and Mandy in Bristol UK.

The best way to keep up with each of us is just click on our name and you will link to each personal facebook page. Any of us would love to hear from you :) You can stay in touch with Ian & Johnna through this email or any of the Take No Glory websites. May the Lord bless you!!

Joyfully serving Jesus,

Take No Glory

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Take No Glory is a musicianary band of Christians that are simply saying "Yes!" to the call and commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.