Please Pray For Us

Take No Glory Update

Please Pray For Us...Johnna is
in Nashville recording our next project

We Have A New Website and iPhone app 

We have spent the last few months
working on our website. All 15 of our
songs can downloaded at the site for free.

Please let us know what you think?  And
download our new app.  Enjoy!!!

Please pray for us...Johnna is in Nashville
recording our next project working with
Chuck Harris, Lang Bliss,
Mark Townsend & Tim Gaines. 

Ian went to Nashville for work and was
able to bring Johnna with him for the trip. 

Last minute, we planned time for Johnna
to go into the studio to start recording
our next project. The Take No Glory
songs she is working on are: Beautiful
Slave, Let You Live, Straight, Run,
Wintery Soul & My Will Spins.

Please pray that God would give us the
strength on this trip...thanks, we love you 

Take No Glory is a non-profit musicianary
band.  These musicianaries offer all their
music through mp3 downloads available
FREE on the website

Members: Ian & Johnna Utile
along with other musicianaries

Genre: Rock * Alternative * Pop

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Record Label: Independent

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