How Can We Pray For You?

Our musicianary team is very passionate about prayer! We gather together each Tuesday night and review all the things we are praying about and praise God for the many prayers answered. Every Wednesday we dedicate the entire morning and afternoon to seeking God. Please email your prayer requests to and we will gladly intercede for you :-)

is to send out our four new songs free to our email list subscribers. The song album covers are above. "Let You Live" is about abortion, "Wintery Soul" is about depression, "Straight" is about homosexuality and "My Will Spins" is about addiction. They are story songs like "Beautiful Slave" that share the Hope of Christ in each situation.

each of us to keep our relationship with Jesus the focus and passion of life. Love, unity and wisdom in all that we do. Our spring tour schedule. Financial support for upcoming projects and missions.

our video for "Run". You can also view it at: and download the FREE mp3:

us for a concert or other event in or around Orange County, CA. Our schedule has some openings from mid March through mid May.

for one of our upcoming events - all of them are FREE:
Feb 27th
Worship Concert at Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, CA
Feb 27th - March 2nd
NRB in Nashville (
March 6th
Lost and Found Outreach Concert in Bellflower, CA
March 7th
Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, CA
March 10th
Refuge Youth Ministry at Calvary Costa Mesa, CA
March 13th
The SN Group at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA

equip us in our music mission with tax-deductible donations through our website or by mail: PO Box 28919 Santa Ana, CA 92799.

Have you seen "Beautiful Slave" music video? It has a hopeful message about human trafficking and child slavery.