Mourning and Celebrating Life

Yesterday was an emotion packed day for us. As we (Ian and Johnna Utile) celebrated our son Malakye's 1st birthday, we also mourned because we miscarried our second child. We were excited to meet this baby, who was due August 30th, but we will have to wait until Heaven to see our little one. Right after we lost our child, we noticed that Psalm 34 was written on a shirt we had been given as a gift a few days ago. We wept as we read....

"The LORD hears his people when they call to him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles. The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."
Psalm 34:17,18 (NLT)

It wasn't a mistake that our Heavenly Father gave us those words in our heaviest moment of grief. We also believe that it is not a coincidence that all in one day (March 3rd, 2010) we released our new song "Let You Live" about healing from an abortion, celebrated our son's 1st birthday and lost our second baby to a miscarriage.

The Lord gives and takes away, but our hearts will choose to say, "Blessed be Your name." We pray that this same joy and comfort that we are able to have, regardless of what trials may come, would be yours today as well - because of Jesus.

We made a video for "Let You Live". This song expresses the hope that Christ offers after someone has had an abortion and feels regret. You can also view it at: and download the free mp3 here:

March 6th for the FREE Lost and Found Outreach Concert in Bellflower, CA. It will be from 5:30-10pm at 16705 Bellflower Blvd. If you can't make it, please pray for us. More info:

us for a concert or other event in or around Orange County, CA. Our schedule has some openings from mid March through mid May. We are also praying about another national tour during the summer!

to continue this FREE music mission. If this ministry has blessed you in anyway, please support us financially so we can continue to reach lives with the Hope of Christ. Tax-deductible gifts can be donated at or at: PO Box 28919 Santa Ana, CA 92799.

We interviewed Johnna, "Let You Live"singer/songwriter, about our newest song. You can view it at: and download the free mp3 here:

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