PLEASE PRAY FOR US over 30 hours of travel tomorrow

"I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me."

(Psalm 34:4)

June 26th, 2008

Praise the Lord!!! We just found out tonight that we will have transportation picking us up from the airport in London and taking us all the way to Devon.

We are leaving early tomorrow morning and will be traveling for the next 40 hours or so. Please continue to pray for the team's health, strength and endurance as we continue to follow the LORD to Devon, England.

In addition, please ask the LORD to continue to supply our food, lodging, and transportation for the days ahead. We are expecting God to do what only He can do. We know our Savior and Lord will provide all of our needs! Pray that hearts of the Devon area would be soft and open to the gospel, and that we would be bold ambassadors for Christ for His glory.

Praise the Lord!!!  The Vierra family has been blessed with airline tickets to travel around the world with us.

Please pray for the Vierra family, as they will be staying here in Dumaguete for an extra 5 days after we leave.  It seems that the LORD has given them several opportunities to continue to minister and love on the people of Dumaguete. It is hard for us to be apart from them, since we are all family, so pray for all of us in that matter that the Lord would keep us unified.

We pray that you are blessed and encouraged today as you continue in the faithfulness of our Lord.  Your prayers, petitions and praises are felt whether near or far, as the Lord is comforting, healing and doing signs and wonders in our midst.  It has been such a blessing to walk these days out with you as we all see the Lord move in awesome and amazing ways.

Here are a few highlights that will hopefully encourage, embolden and enrich you as you continue to follow our Lord faithfully today.

From small prayer sessions with the students, to large-scale concerts and revivals, we've been humbled and amazed at how glorious our God is.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good.  Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!"

(Psalm 34:8)

Wednesday June 18th, The LORD blessed us with an outreach at Siliman University.  In fact the students were all full of tears, and amens as we met and prayed about how the outreach would be most effective for the LORD's glory.  Honestly, the emotions in the room were extremely thick as we could all see that the hand of the LORD had united and prepared our hearts for what was to come.

Isn't it amazing to watch the LORD move throughout the body!  Seriously, He, the LORD Jesus Christ, put several men and women from different cultures and backgrounds in a room together to love on a college campus through music and teaching!  Amazing!!!

The scene was set for an amazing night as many students labored in constant prayer over the concert and the message that was to be spoken.  Our team was encouraged and blessed to see many people praying with such a heart for their brothers and sisters.  Throughout the concert Ian and Eric shared from the CD as the rest of the team ministered to the students through music and prayer.  (On a side note:  We are blessed with an amazing team that is constantly giving all of their heart, soul, mind and strength to love the lost and challenge the church as a response to the awesome love of our LORD!!!  We are blessed!)  Several young men and women received prayer and were encouraged to follow hard after their LORD.  As the concert closed up and worship was coming to an end it seemed as if the choir of Heaven was let loose upon the room.  It was amazing to be able to hear about 1000 students sing their hearts out to the LORD in surrender and sacrifice. 

After the concert, the Principle contacted tnG to comment on the outreach and give his invitation to come back any time.  What a blessing to see the LORD continue to open doors.  The LORD has given us incredible favor, and we know that it is because of the faithful students and men and women who have labored on their knees in prayer!

Thursday June 19th, the LORD provided an outreach in a town called Sibulan at an outdoor amphitheater. This was the same day the typhoon hit the surrounding islands.  The rain and the wind came down hard and started to flood the stage, and all our equipment started short-circuiting. We prayed that the rain would stop so that people would come, and the Lord stopped the rain for us! The night became an awesome time of worship, as many children joined in singing, dancing, and clapping their hands! The gospel was preached in their local dialect, and many came forward to accept the Lord! After that, we had an extended time of worship as the church engaged in joyful worship with us. Is there anything more precious than seeing many young men and women coming together and shouting in intimacy and innocence before the Lord?

Friday June 20th, the LORD allowed us to challenge a student ministry as they begin their school year.  The LORD brought such a joy to our hearts as we watched the youth worship the LORD with such excitement.  The passage that was taught on was Matthew 5:16, which says, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven".  The LORD had several of the School of ministry students lead the teaching on being a light to the dark world.  The exhortation was to live out the fruit of the Spirit as our Light to the world.  Once again, worship was amazing and the students sang louder than the band.

Saturday June 21st, we were blown away by the opportunity to play at the Lamberto Macias Center! About four thousand people attended the concert, which was held in a huge sports-like complex. The School of Ministry and the PTA (Pastoral Training of Asia), along with many other churches came together to serve, pray and help with the event. 

A brother in Christ, who has a radio ministry here personally funded the entire event! What an incredible blessing! Pastor Joe of Calvary Chapel Dumaguete preached the gospel, and gave an altar call, to which 500-600 people came forward to either accept Jesus Christ as their Lord, or to rededicate their lives to Jesus! Praise the LORD!!!! Our new brothers and sisters in Christ were then taken backstage, prayed over and received follow up information on how to get plugged in to the local church.

The night continued in intense worship as the church almost drowned out the band as they sang their hearts out before the LORD!  That night was a miracle and we all left in a daze of God's glory. We all just said to each other, "What just happened?!!!" All glory be to the LORD!

Sunday June 22nd, we went to other side of island to a town called Alaman. We were in the middle of the effects of the typhoon that was stirring up the weather, and once again, we pleaded with the LORD that He would stop the rain so people would come. Once we started playing, the Lord stopped the rain, and the sun broke through the ominous clouds. About 25 people showed up, and we we're able to preach the gospel in a different way than we ever had. One man from PTA had the spontaneous idea to do a drama about a personal relationship with Christ. About 6-7 people came forward and accepted Christ, and we were able to pray for them and plug them into a local bible study. Right when we finished praying, the rain started up again!  Praise the Lord that souls were saved! What a miracle!

There are so many more details to these events, and so many more outreaches that happened that didn't even involve music, such as orphanages, hospitals, mental hospitals, and mountain ministries. But time and space avails us!

We want to thank you again all for your faithful prayers and support! We love you, and hope that you are encouraged by all that the LORD is doing. Our God is alive and well and is just looking for hearts that are loyal to Him, that He may show Himself strong on His behalf.

Joyfully serving Jesus,

The Take No Glory Team

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